Patriots 4 General Store

The Patriots 4 General Store is owned by Robin and Randy West who are committed to providing convenience and resources to both patrons of P4 and the overall community.  The store serves as the ‘check in’ and welcome facility for guests using the P4 cabins and/or campground.  It is also a full-service restaurant serving lunch and dinner.  And for those who realize they forgot to bring spare batteries while planning their getaway at P4, chances are the General Store has it it in stock.  The store also carries outdoor items for camping, fishing and hunting – including canoes and kayaks for rent. Finally, there are patriotic items and local West Virginia merchandise available for sale to commemorate your stay at P4.

Revenue generated from General Store sales helps cover overhead costs in maintaining the facility, including staff salaries of the husband and wife team who manage it, with ALL remaining profits donated back to Patriots 4.  While the self-sustainable store’s current profit margin is small, our near-term goal is to expand its scope, offerings and revenue stream in order to provide greater funding for P4.  Over the years your patronage and generous support helped us get where we are today, and we look forward to expanding the store’s capabilities which in turn will enhance your experience at Patriots 4.

The General Store staff, though small, is dedicated and efficient!  Managed by Ronnie and Danielle Carr, they personally provide check in-checkout services, prepare meals for combat wounded service members and their families (if desired), clean cabins between occupancies, drop off fisherman and hunters along with blinds, canoes, kayaks, etc., and provide guide services.

This 2-person husband and wife team serve as the day-in and day-out campground managers who do whatever is needed to take care of our combat wounded service members and families to help them feel appreciated and respected.  Their mission is to ensure your stay at P4 is carefree and memorable.

We hope that you will stop by and check it out!

Campground Rates

Personal Tents: $10.00 per night; and
Personal Campers: $15.00 per night.

All rates above are free for combat wounded service members.

Equipment Rentals Rates

Canoes* $45.00 full day $35.00 half day
Kayaks* $30.00 full day $20.00 half day
Kayak/Angler Style* $35.00 full day $25.00 half day
Double Kayaks* $50.00 full day $40.00 half day

All rates above are free for combat wounded service members.

*A full day is considered more than four hours and a half day is less than four hours.