Beginning in October 2019, a guitar airbrushed by artist Ken Hayden, the son of a former Marine Sgt Major and signed by Willie Nelson; Patriots 4 began offering an item for sale by on line bid each month. Mr Hayden painted the guitar in honor of his father’s faithful service to God, Family, Country, and Corps. The items will be special, unique and attractively priced.  If you have the winning bid, we will contact you to arrange for delivery.  Since all items are donated, every $ gained will go directly to support our combat wounded service members and families. Help us spread the word…and thanks for your support of our wounded heroes and their families.  We owe them a lot for their courage, dedication, service and sacrifice!  Thank God that our nation is blessed to have such men and women to serve the cause of freedom and a safer and better way of life for all of us!