Patriots 4

If you have questions about Patriots 4, please contact MajGen Randy West.

Tel: 202-549-6828


If you are interested in booking one of our cabins, visit us at, and search St. George, WV.

Or click on one of the links below.

‘Semper Fi’ Cabin |  ‘Anchors Away’ Cabin | ‘Hooah’ Cabin | Wild Blue Yonder

If you have questions about renting a cabin, please email or call/text Kay at 703-929-4523. 

Resources for Veterans

P4 understands the many challenges, often life-long challenges, facing our wounded and/or combat veterans.  The links listed below are provided as an additional resource for any veteran or their family who may be in need of assistance.*

* Please note that while P4 has provided links to these resources, P4 is unable to guarantee what if/any resources will be available through these sites or what if/any benefits are available to any current or former servicemember.