Serving Those Who Served

Dear Wounded Heroes, Fellow Servicemen and Women, and Civilian Friends,

Welcome to Patriots 4 (P4), a non-profit organization committed to supporting valiant combat wounded service members and their families with assistance and facilities to enjoy well deserved R&R in our great outdoors.

As an outdoor recreational facility, P4 is specifically designed for combat wounded service members and their families – a place to enjoy and take part at no cost in outdoor activities regardless of the type of injury. Activities include camping (either in personal campers or one of four individual P4 cabins on the property), hiking, fishing, kayaking, tubing, photography, hunting, and relaxation.

P4 is comprised of an all-volunteer Board of Directors dedicated to enabling combat wounded service members to partake in outdoor activities without being limited by disability or injury; and includes a wheelchair accessible, solar charged, hydraulic actuated, raised hunting platform (Huntmaster), track wheelchair for fishing and getting around, and area-expert guides. We are dedicated to giving back to those who have already sacrificed so much so that ‘We the People’ can remain free.

P4 also welcomes current and former military personnel as well as civilian friends at a small cost. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to learn more about P4. We look forward to seeing you at P4 in West Virginia!

Very Respectfully,

Major General Randy West USMC (Ret)

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