Active duty Marine gets his first turkey and a severely wounded first responder and his son experience West Virginia’s great outdoors together.

P4 Turkey Hunt
April 21-23, 2023

“This past weekend gave me an opportunity that I believed had long sailed away. When I was a child my father introduced me to hunting and we created many memories together during those times. These were memories that I didn’t think I would have with son due to my disability.

Well I was certainly wrong about that. We are very appreciative of the founders of this nonprofit who have generously given so much, as well as the men and women who helped organize this event and volunteered their own time. They gave me and my son an opportunity to create special memories together that will never be forgotten. I am so grateful to everyone who made us feel so welcome, who sought out how to make everything accommodating, and who genuinely cared for us.”



Turkey Hunt Summary
April 23, 2023

Good Afternoon Rob,

Huge thank you’s for this weekend and everyone who made it happen. This event was unbelievable, the hospitality was legendary, and the people even better.

I was invited to the event through Eric’s networking with P4, and was very happy to take the opportunity to come out. I hadn’t heard of the non-profit previously, but greatly appreciate everything you do.

Helping Tommy’s boy shoot for the first time was amazing and I was glad to be of help to them and put smiles on their faces. The fact that you can organize events like this for good people like them is fantastic.

As someone who is totally new to any type of hunting, I was made to feel welcome and everything went very smoothly. Getting a bird is addictive and I never would have had the chance if it wasn’t for this weekend.

Everyone was kept well fed with delicious food, the cabins were very comfortable, and it seemed to an outsider that everything was thought of. I know organizing it all was hard work but I thank you again.

Please let me know if you need volunteers to help with the land or any upcoming projects. I’m a reasonable drive away and would love to give back if possible.

Kind regards,
Shane Ryan